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Calendar of Events

All Events of the Lasc and Basc will be placed here.

First comming event

Entry Forms

30 mrt Workshop Distance handeling "Pam Smith"

30 mrt.-2 apr. Agility (LASC)

Agility March/April

6-8 apr. Show/Rally/Obedience(LASC)

Conformation Easter Event

Rally/Obedience Easter Event


6-8 apr. Show/Rally/Obedience(LASC)

22-24 June Show/Rally/Obedience(BASC)

30 June-1 July Agility (LASC)

 7-9 Sept. Show/Rally/Obedience(BASC)

22-23 Sept Agility (LASC)

16-18 Nov. Show (LASC)

The following rule applies to all events that Lasc and/or Basc organize:

In the event of a cancellation or relocation of the event due to circumstances beyond the scope of Lasc / Basc, the organizing club reserves the right to retain part of the already paid entry fees to cover any costs already incurred.